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Walkthroughs and guides serialized as blog posts.

Performance Hacking .NET

A collection of posts sharing tips and tricks for writing high-performance code

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Fun with OpenTelemetry .NET

A collection of posts written while working on OpenTelemetry .NET


Logging and Debugging High Throughput Services

A collection of posts sharing lessons learned working on very busy services.

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Fun with System.Text.Json

A collection of posts written while developing with JSON serialization on .NET Core 3+.

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Decrypting Apple Pay Payment Blob Using .NET

Walkthrough for decrypting Apple Pay Payment blob using .NET.

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Apple Pay Certificate Signing Using .NET

Walkthrough for configuring Apple Pay certificates using .NET.

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Enrich OpenTelemetry spans with contextual information

Part of the series: Fun with OpenTelemetry .NET I worked with a couple teams last year who both had the same feature request (more or less). Both teams wanted to add some contextual information to the next span to be created, not the current span (Activity.Current). One team was doing this type of custom ORM […]

Fun with OpenTelemetry .NET

About a year ago my boss asked me to look into a performance issue on one of our products. What I immediately noticed was there wasn’t really any logging or diagnostics available in the code. The way things were done made answering a basic question like, “Where is all the time going?”, really hard to […]

Using OpenTelemetry while debugging

Part of the series: Fun with OpenTelemetry .NET I’m working with a team that is doing something interesting I haven’t seen before. They use this Google/Edge browser extension call ModHeader to tell their browsers to send a custom header called X-Debug-Trace when it makes requests to our application. What this header does is turn on […]

Troubleshooting OpenTelemetry .NET

Part of the series: Fun with OpenTelemetry .NET You’ve hooked up OpenTelemetry .NET into your application and configured an exporter (Jaeger, Zipkin, OpenTelemetryProtocol, etc.) but you’re not seeing any of your data anywhere. You looked around for an exception but there’s nothing. Is this hitting close to home? Don’t worry, it’s not you. This common […]


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