Fun with System.Text.Json

In the summer of 2019 I was messing around with Cosmos DB on Azure. The goal at the time was to investigate it as a potential document store for the product I was working on. Usually, if I’m prototyping, I’m doing “latest and greatest” tech stack, because, why not? At the time that was .NET Core 3 in preview. So randomly I found myself pumping a ton of JSON into Cosmos DB using the (then) brand new System.Text.Json library. In the end, I didn’t get very far into Cosmos DB, but I got deep into System.Text.Json. This blog series basically captures the random adventures I’ve had with the lib and the team behind it.

TL;DR: I’ve been collecting together all the helpful stuff in this package: Macross.Json.Extensions. The source is available on GitHub.

Part 1: EnumMemberAttribute serialization.
Part 2: TimeSpan serialization.
Part 3: DateTime & DateTimeOffset “\/Date()\/” serialization.
Part 4: Efficient POSTing of JSON to request streams.
Part 5: IP address & port serialization.

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